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Install ZFS on Linux as root filesystem on Archlinux with native encryption, tinyssh, grub and efi

Since ZoL 0.8.0 native encryption is supported. I used LUKS to encrypt my disks used for ZFS which holds my rootFS with ArchLinux. So with the release of ZoL 0.8.0 I wanted to switch to ZFS as rootFS and native encryption. I used rEFInd as bootloader and didn't get used to it. Last but not least when my machine boots I want to be able to decrypt my disks over SSH, so I can update and reboot remotely without locking me out.

Information for these tasks are all over the internet, resulting in this step by step guide installing Archlinux on ZFS as rootFS with native encryption, tinyssh, grub and EFI.

Install guide


Last update: March 22, 2021